We are a separate department of Cambridge School of Constanta (www.cambridgeconstanta.ro) and with the support and experience of the school; we are now better equipped to provide the best service and support to our students. Our school is accredited as an IELTS center by the British Council Romania who we work closely with and, due to our strong links, we host universities own English exams in a safe and secure environment. The exams can be monitored remotely through CCTV (video and voice).
In addition to this, we are one of the very few centers in the country who organizes university`s own admission tests such as: BMAT and IMAT (Medical field), MAT (Mathematics and Computing fields), LNAT (Law), PAT (Physics and Engineering fields), TSA Oxford (Critical thinking), etc. (www.admissionstestingservice.org)

Facts and figures