Valentin Sedai Clos – BA Cruise Industry Management, Southampton Solent University

Valentin Sedai Clos

Hi everybody, my name is Sedai-Clos Valentin Iulian and my history of building my future started 1 year ago.

When I was 18 years old and I was at high school, I decide to leave my native country in search for a better future.

It all started like a kind of joke, a dream that was not possible or at least … very hard to achieve.

After a long search I became interested of how people live in England and I found many information from internet. The more I searched, the more my desire of studying in UK increased.

But the problem was that I did not know anything about how to go about in my wish to study there, to be the student that I wanted. Another problem that added to my worries was the fact that also I was looking for a place not very expensive so that I don`t put my parents under a lot of stress.

After a long research on the internet I found a forum whose name I don’t remember it anymore, which contained many questions about how to study in England. One person had posted a few words that turned out to have the answers to all my questions “UK Study Romania”.

I was thinking  for about a week before I decided to contact the UK Study team because I thought my English language was poor, I was nervous and I thought I could not handle this.

After many things done with a big help from Mrs. Andreea and Mrs. Simona as well as the others who work hard to maintain a high standard for this organisation, I’ve managed to know every information that I need to succeed. Also, they built the confidence in myself by always believing in me. Thanks to their moral support I passed the IELTS exam with a mark that allowed me to become a student.

Together we went through stress, through difficult exams, big emotions.

In this whole story, there were times when I wanted to give up, thinking maybe it was better to make an application to study in Romania because I was scarred. It felt that it was harder and harder to gain what I desired but in this family called UK Study I learned that it is worth the fight to make your most beautiful dream come true. The main thing that made me still stand up was the feeling that all along I was NOT ALONE.

I consider that UK Study’s advisers will become your friends and after a short while you would feel about them as a family.

This is my road to study in Great Britain and I want to wish good luck to everyone wishing to study there. Don`t worry, you are in good hands 🙂

Valentin Sedai Clos – BA Cruise Industry Management, Southampton Solent University