Georgiana Silvia Epure – BA International Relations, University of Leeds

Georgiana Silvia Epure

Hoping  that one day you’ll get to study in the UK is like one of those dreams from childhood, when girls say they want to become princesses and boys want to become airline pilots. Well, UK Study Romania made my dream come true!

Thanks to UK Study members I’ve found out that applying to UK universities it’s not an impossible thing to do. Actually, it’s as easy and fast as it can be, especially when you have a mentor with you all the way. And the feeling that you have when you get your first confirmation letter is beyond description, particularly when you know that you’ve been accepted not only for your grades, but for your personal skills and achievements that you gained during high school.

You shouldn’t doubt a second if you wonder why you should choose UK Study Romania to help you prepare your admission file. It’s your best option, given that they won’t limit only at expediting your file. They will make your life in the UK easier and will destroy every myth about


student finance for you. You won’t have to be on your own when you choose your accommodation, your means of transport to get there, your part-time job or when you apply to tuition fee.

They know how important it is for you to have all the right information in time or to have someone you can talk to about every detail of your leaving. That’s why you know UK Study is the right option to arrange your academic future, and beyond, in England.

Prezentare CJE

Georgiana-Silvia Epure

University of Leeds, BA International Relations