Alexandru Ionut Munteanu – BA Sports Studies, Southampton Solent University

Alex at Solent

Let’s start with the beginning, I was in the 11th grade and UK Study Romania team visited my brother’s high school. That`s when he brought home the brochures. I studied them  for a while, I searched on the internet for more information and in less than an hour I said : “This is what I want to do ! I’m gonna go in United Kingdom and study there after I finish my high school.”

I entered on website and I sent them a message to come and visit my high school where I was still trying to find out more information and they came at the beginning at my  12th grade. I called them and I went at their center to begin the procedures for application.

I cannot say I was the best student in my class but I worked hard and the results were great , I managed to take the IELTS and Baccalaureate exam with good grades, although I did not trust myself , but from the beginning till the end UKStudy team trusted me. With the support coming from them and from my parents I managed to be accepted into a great university form United Kingdom – Southampton Solent University and now I’m very happy.

At UKStudy office I had the chance to interact with such a nice guys who helped me and made my dream come true and to go where I wanted to form the beginning when nobody trusted me that I will succeed.

To study abroad it’s not a very easy task and in my opinion not anybody would succeed. It is not easy to be accepted and gaining a good degree requires a lot of work, plus …. I know I will be home sick, I will be stressed with the exams … all these could be an obstacle but I have to trust myself and everything will be ok.

If you decide to study in United Kingdom, work hard, call a representative form UKStudy Romania and they will make you dream come true, they will be with you from the beginning till the end … just like older brothers.

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Alexandru Ionut Munteanu – BA Sports Studies, Southampton Solent University